<VV> Fitch Roof Installation

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 12 00:06:41 EDT 2009

With significant experience with folks trying to "bond", classically, 
glass/plastic hood scoops onto steel engine hoods, it can't be done 
without eventual cracking showing up.  Even fiberglass parts "bonded" 
onto plastic Fieros will eventually seam crack as will after market 
"glass" parts for Corvettes (regular glass and the stuff GM uses are 
different materials, and different materials don't expand, contract, nor 
vibrate at the same rate).  The only solution is mechanical fasteners 
(professional adhesive tapes only sorta fall into this category -- Fiero 
GT "sail panels", installed with factory style tape still will fall out 
(and "sail" away) on occasion - and break upon landing). Temporary 
bonding to make an entire new panel in  fiberglass (or whatever medium 
you choose -- steel, if you have those skills) is the best choice to 
avoid fasteners, which really isn't a solution for the Fitch roof, 
unless you want to do an entire plastic/glass Corvair body.

If you are going to drive it, mechanical fasteners are recommend for the 
long term - ie, bolts or machine screws & lock nuts, or maybe rivets.  
Stainless or brass or bronze would be preferable.

Bill Strickland

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