<VV> turn signal switch glitch

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Mon Oct 12 01:00:10 EDT 2009

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When I  turn on the right hand turn signal the flasher clicks and the rear 
turn signal  flashes but the light on the dash and the front signal do 
not....  if I  press up slightly on the turn signal lever the front signal and 
dash light  work.  

The signal switch is brand new, and the old signal switch  did the same 
thing so I'm pretty sure its not the switch.. where should I  look?

Ray - If moving the lever makes it work, it is still in the switch.  
Something is causing the switch to not fully connect inside. The switch breaks  
the connection from the brake light feed (whether or not the brake lights are  
on) and connects the two separate circuits, one to the rear bright 
filament, and  one to the dash and front bright filament. They have to be separate 
after the  column to keep the brake lights at the rear only. There are little 
copper  strips that are tweaked (that's a technical term) away from brake 
feed and  to the feed from the flasher, for the front one, just to the 
flasher. Sometimes  the copper strips get distorted when the turn signal lever 
holder is installed.  

Seth  Emerson

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