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Chuck,  I think it is pretty standard in (so far as I know) ALL states.  The 
trailer liability coverage is part of the towing vehicle's policy.  The 
trailer itself - say for damage or theft - must have it's own coverage.

Later, JR

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> Even tandem trailers don't require a license tag in South Carolina.
> Trailer tags are required in Georgia. One thing that no one has
> brought up in this long thread is what your insurance company
> requires of you and your trailer if you have an accident. My open car
> trailer WAS insured when it was stolen 5 days before the Detroit
> convention and I was able to find a replacement and have the peace of
> mind that I would be reimbursed for my loss.
> Chuck Armer
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> At 11:24 PM 10/13/2009, you wrote:
>>I think the laws (and more significantly enforcement) vary
>>significantly state by state  (I was shocked to learn that in some
>>places, a car towed on an open trailer must be licensed in addition
>>to the trailer being licensed, but in an enclosed trailer it's
>>exempt... talk about illogical)... and region by region. What you
>>may "get away with" in Roanoke may play differently on the VA side
>>of the DC Beltway even if the laws are identical.
>>As a rule of thumb, anything towed (at least about 1000lbs in most
>>places) should be licensed. If the car is towed flat, it should have
>>tags. If it's on a trailer, that should have tags, but the car
>>generally doesn't have to. A dolly is considered a form of trailer
>>and I have never heard of anyone being hit for towing an unlicensed
>>car on one (while I have heard of people ticketed for flat towing
>>unlicensed cars...).
>>If you really want to dig deep, go check the state laws that are now
>>requiring supplemental braking systems for flat towed vehicles...
>>I won't try to argue that it's not illegal to pull something behind
>>you without any tags on it... I'm just mentioning that I've done it a
>>lot of times and nobody ever said anything about my doing so
>>including the State policeman who stopped behind me on Rt 460 after
>>I'd stopped while towing a Lakewood from Forest VA to Roanoke,
>>stopped to do a walk-around (I do that about every 30 miles or so
>>just to make sure the tires are all still up and nothing is coming
>>loose etc).    The policeman asked me if everything was OK and I said
>>yes, was just doing a checkout, he said be careful and drive safely
>>and went on.   Lakewood not only had no tags it had no glass or
>>tailgate.  But it did have 4 tires...  ;)
>>This would be an interesting regulation to research and check
>>out...  perhaps if the towed vehicle is genuinely inop there's a
>>loophole...?   I dunno.
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