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James P. Rice ricebugg at mtco.com
Wed Oct 14 22:18:09 EDT 2009

All:  Well, actually, Ed Cole's people designed the Corvair.  He was way to
far up the org chart to have the time to be sit at a drawing board, putting
pencil to paper designing anything.  But, since the boss gets both the
credit and the blame, (well, at least in a just world...) Ed Cole gets
credit for designing the Corvair.  It was his idea, his dream, his vision
and his direction and ultimately, his signing off on his people's work which
brought the Corvair to the market place.

Where it got soundly trounced by the uninspired Falcon.  So much for market
research and/or the taste of the American consumer.

I hope we can finally put to rest the myth Porsche and/or VW had anything to
do with any part of the Corvair...but I doubt it.  There is not one document
or person on either side of the Atlantic who was there who says anybody but
full time GM employees designed the Corvair.  Please retain this information
for future reference.

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It was designed by Ed Cole, who also designed the small block Chevy V-8.
And since the SB has been around since '55, I'd say that puts the Corvair
in good company.


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> I thought the Corvair engine was designed by Porsche.  Or was it VW???
> Certainly it couldn't have be designed by the nitwits at Chevy, only
> clever furiners could come up with something so nifty, ammiright???

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