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Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 15 01:52:40 EDT 2009

Ron wrote:

> So you're saying that the 55 Corvette was a dog that any Mustang, 
> Buick or Rambler could beat on a road course? 

Apples to Apples, Ron -- a 53 Vette had no advantage, other than weight, 
over any other 53 Chevy, and the windows leaked, the doors whistled, and 
it takes two hours to get all that shielding back on so you can hear a 
radio if you want to quick change plug wires (maybe that was later than 
53) and I think Ford had a V-8.  A 53 Lincoln or Caddy was a much nicer 
ride/racer, ala 'Doc Hudson', even without the sports car body.

I think I could pick a stock issue Mustang, a Buick, and a Rambler that 
could whup a  stock 55 Vette, but especially a 53 or 54 -- you said "any 
year" -- maybe not just "any Mustang, Buick or Rambler", but then a 
Vette isn't just "any" GM product, even an early one.  The early Vettes 
were a lot of things, but they were not a race car.

Bill Strickland

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