<VV> Mr Cole WAS Corvair Designer(s)

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I'll second that. The day I first met him I helped him do some repair on
Nicky's Monza Jr. before he had to catch a plane. And that backs up what I
heard about him being a "hands-on" mechanical engineer.


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> In reality, Mr. Cole had far more to do with development than the
directing of others.  Mr Cole was a total 'car guy' who developed ideas,
pieces, and parts in his own home workshop.  He truly earned his reputation.
> Ken P
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> "James P. Rice" <ricebugg at mtco.com> wrote:
> All:  Well, actually, Ed Cole's people designed the Corvair.  He was way
> far up the org chart to have the time to be sit at a drawing board,
> pencil to paper designing anything.  But, since the boss gets both the
> credit and the blame, (well, at least in a just world...) Ed Cole gets
> credit for designing the Corvair.  It was his idea, his dream, his vision
> and his direction and ultimately, his signing off on his people's work
> brought the Corvair to the market place.

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