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>And,  outside of racing cars, Porsche production engines didn't hit 180 HP 
until  1970...
>And, as we all know, those advertised figures  didn't mean squat.

>when the first 911s appeared, a Monza Spyder or  a Corsa turbo was 
>On a road  course?

>...which btw, did not match the Corvair engine size (2.7  liter) until 
Did they need to?  Who says?  And  what were the weight differences?

Bill Strickland
356  owner

Bill - You sound a little defensive! <grin> 
As far as "quicker" - that means acceleration. As long as you didn't need  
to turn or brake. . . . . .
And his last statement was a fact, not an opinion. (Porsche has  been 
increasing the size of that motor ever since 1972 - evidently Porsche  thinks 
that they "need to"). I think it is up to 3.8L now, maybe bigger.  

Seth  Emerson

C's the Day! - Corvair, Camaro,  Corvette

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