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 I meant in a straight line. Of course, an LM with proper tires, even with a stock suspension, should be able to run rings around a contemporary 911. Those measly 13 inchers just made no sense on a Spyder or Corsa. 

 And LM brakes, albeit drums, were damn hard to fade, even under racing conditions. 

Porsche has been increasing the size of their engines. At first, to keep making power when emissions and low octane dominated the scene, then later, simply because the market demanded more. That, and their cars were getting, well, shall we say porcine? <G>

John Roberts



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>And,  outside of racing cars, Porsche production engines didn't hit 180 HP 
until  1970...
>And, as we all know, those advertised figures  didn't mean squat.

>when the first 911s appeared, a Monza Spyder or  a Corsa turbo was 
>On a road  course?

>...which btw, did not match the Corvair engine size (2.7  liter) until 
Did they need to?  Who says?  And  what were the weight differences?

Bill Strickland
356  owner

Bill - You sound a little defensive! <grin> 
As far as "quicker" - that means acceleration. As long as you didn't need  
to turn or brake. . . . . .
And his last statement was a fact, not an opinion. (Porsche has  been 
increasing the size of that motor ever since 1972 - evidently Porsche  thinks 
that they "need to"). I think it is up to 3.8L now, maybe bigger.  

Seth  Emerson

C's the Day! - Corvair, Camaro,  Corvette

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