<VV> 1969 Monza O gauge 1/43 vs 1/25 vs 1/48

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProPer.com
Sat Oct 17 17:11:38 EDT 2009

Here are some pix of the Yat Ming "1/43" scale diecast compared to the 
(plastic) 1965 Corsa which is alleged to be "1/48" scale.

The Yat Ming diecast is approx 4.25" long which is pretty close to 1/43 

The Renwall plastic version is 3.85" and seems to be a scaled-down version 
of the AMT 1/25 scale model, even down to the 'errors' in the AMT chassis 
being duplicated 'verbatim'.

 The Renwall 1965 Corvair Corsa compared to the Yat Ming 1/43 scale 1969 
Corvair Monza :
 www.yourbuyersinn.com/Cars/Corvair/RenwallCorvair48thScaleYatMing43rdScaleComparisons.JPG The Renwall Corvair chassis compared to the AMT 1/25 scale chassis : http://www.yourbuyersinn.com/Cars/Corvair/AMTandRenwallCorvairChassisComparison.JPG The Renwall "Double Header" box (with 1932 Chevy Roadster) : www.yourbuyersinn.com/Cars/Corvair/RenwallCorvair48thScaleBox.JPG The pix in Ken's link show a different color than was available separatelyfor the same model that is included on the 'car carrier' train car. Charlie>>>> Ken:> A detailed picture of this>> car can be seen at:>>>>>> In my other life, I am also a toy train collector.  For those who are>> unfamiliar, MTHi is the second largest toy train manufacturer in the>> U.S., after Lionel.>

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