<VV> Plugged idle tubes

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 18 08:18:36 EDT 2009

I am starting to see and read about an undue number of plugged carb idle tubes. While I am not a big one on conspiracy theories, I have a feeling that this might be another ethanol related issue. A recent note to VV from an owner who found a plugged tube and debris in the carb but a clean filter would indicate that the pollution is internal and possibly coming from deteriorating gaskets, pump cups, and more likely, just fuel residue. I have found, as did the writer, that some of the plugging is so hard that the tube has be be removed from the cluster and soaked in cleaner and then routed out with a small probe. I think it probably happens because the jet at the end of the tub is tapered and gradually builds up with a residue (sort of like what many of us are experiencing in our arteries :-). While I don't have a solution, I think regular use of some additive to "counteract" the ethanol might be at least an improvement to longevity of the parts.
The Carbmeister

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