<VV> Differential filling port relocation

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So, OK I have a '61 that will have the diff removed for seal replacement. While it is out, what can be done to raise the lube level? I'm thinking a very short 90 degree adapter. If so, just how higher should the lube be that at the original plug level??

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Sorry, don't remember who was asking, but here is the Chev Bulletin info.  
GM, Canada April 30th, 1962

"To improve pinion bearing lubrication in the rear axle, the oil level has  
been increased 5/8" in production, commencing at serial  
This increased oil level will be increased by re-locating the filler plugs. 
The transmission plug will be increased from 1/2" to 7/8" pipe thread and  
1/2" to 3/4" pipe thread on the differential carrier. These larger plugs  
identify units with the higher oil level."

There was no mention of the increased lube quantity.
Bob Helt

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