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Mon Oct 19 06:31:14 EDT 2009

Although not on a Corvair, my cast iron Zenith ... used on my antique boat ... collected a blackish film which built up to plug the idle circuit.  This boat / engine / carb was originally designed to run on 40 octane marine 'white' gas so it was very, very happy with 87octane unleaded gas ... until the addition of alcohol.  Turns out the very special [read expensive] flexible fuel line was internally dissolving.  
Ken P


FrankCB <frankcb at aol.com> wrote:

     Maybe we should start using Lipitor to prevent buildup in our carbs like it prevents 
buildup in our arteries.<GGGGGG>
     Seriously, I wonder if using "Marine Formula" STA-BIL would be helpful.  
This stuff is sold in boating areas since marine engines seem especially susceptible to 
the ethanol present in today's gasoline.  It's bottle says "extra corrosion 
protection and fuel system cleaning".
     Frank "prefers dry land" Burkhard

In a message dated 10/18/09 08:18:56 Eastern Daylight Time, gyoungwolf at earthlink.net write
I think it probably happens because the jet at the end of the tub is tapered and 
gradually builds up with a residue (sort of like what many of us are experiencing in our 
arteries :-). While I don't have a solution, I think regular use of some additive to 
"counteract" the ethanol might be at least an improvement to longevity of the 
The Carbmeister 

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