<VV> Air Hoses----Made in USA?

keith osborne vanman453ta at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 20 12:35:15 EDT 2009

Oh, I guess THIS is my first post- gotta get the hang of this technology stuff...

Hello all,

My first post to your group- 

I'm also quite tired of China junk, but speaking of Harbor Freight and air hoses, they also have nice Goodyear made in USA hoses that are quite nice.  Not sure if all stores carry the same stuff though...


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I made the mistake of buying some "Hung Chow Phooey" air hose at Harbor Freight on my last trip out there.   After about 20 minutes of use, the first 3 feet of the hose swelled to about triple its original diameter. 

Anyone have sources for USA made air hose that you can buy off the shelf?  

I try to buy Made in USA
 stuff whenever possible. But even Lowe's is  full of Chinese made junk----Even the black iron pipe I used for my compressor system says "Hung Chow Phooey" on it, and I got it at Lowe's. Got a Kobalt 60 Gal Compressor there too that says "Made in USA".   I wonder, made (Assembled) in the United States with Hung Chow Phooey components, or is there a city in China named USA?   Used to be one in Japan after WW2.   

Do we make ANYTHING here anymore? 




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