<VV> vermin in Corvair engines

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I tried that, but couldn't get them to eat it (as far as I was able to
discern.) The best thing for getting rid of mice, short of a good mouser
cat, is a stick-down trap. They come in both open-pan and enclosed box
types, and work like a charm. I've even managed to catch two in one trap.
For outside varmits, like chipmunks, I have also used a reusable plastic
spring/jaws type trap. Both may "require" you to give the trapped varmits a
bath in a bucket of water, as a humane way of relieving any suffering.

I still like a good cat, though. They're great pets, as long as you
remember that they are cats and not dogs.


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> I've heard equal parts of Portland cement, flour and a little sugar will
> attract the mice and mummify them as soon as they partake.  No smell of
> anything as the cement dries them out immediately and they like it! 
Place a
> few bowl inside the passengers compartment and the engine compartment. 
> downside is you have to buy cement 94lbs at a time.  I hope you have a lot
> of friends or need to replace a sidewalk.
> dp
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> Subject: <VV> vermin in Corvair engines
> Changing the automatic diff. (intermixing) in my Rampside, I noticed a
> of dry dog food in my heater. Then with the engine out, I looked into the
> top of the engine I saw quite a bit of it. I pulled my oil cooler cover
> could not believe how much was in there (I just drove this vehicle 1400
> miles to Kansas and back). So now I have the engine (shrouds) all apart
> am wondering what can I do to keep the mice out of my cars. Anyone? Thanks
> all.
> Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado
> On my way to Palm Springs in a couple of days, hopefully in the Rampside

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