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I have an oil pan that is leaking, and there appears to be a bolt or  two  
that are not holding, probably stripped.  There was a thread  back in May 
so that talked about leaky pans, but I can't seem to  find it.  What is  
easier and better (if there is such a thing) to  use to repair threads, 
or Time Sert?   

>>>For a quick repair, for one of the side threads only (not  one at the 
front or rear of the motor), you can thread a longer bolt through the  hole up 
into the area above and put a nut on it. Ugly but effective. Doesn't  work 
on the ends because they are blind holes. I prefer solid inserts to  
Helicoils. There is no easy way to go when you are working upside down under the  
What is the best gasket to use?
>>> It depends on the pan. For a steel pan, I like the composite  gasket 
from Underground it has some cork and some rubber. It is much tougher  than 
the whole cork and less likely to extrude out than rubber. I use the  thin 
paper ones on my Otto Parts pans. 

What is the best way to keep the  oil pan bolts from loosening up after  
driving a while?  I torqued  the bolts to the proper torque a short time  
and most are  loosening up, allowing the pan to leak oil.
>>> This is a tough one. Clean threads on the bolts and in the  holes will 
provide real torque readings. I glue the gasket to the pan with a  light 
grease on the contact face If you are using the stock pan, you may have to  
reform the face to get a flat surface for a good seal. (That is why I like  the 
aluminum pans, they are much stiffer). Keep an eye out at the swap meets -  
there are a lot of Aluminum pans around. 
And a wrench with the correct socket may become a 5 minute Saturday morning 
 ritual. Slide under, twist-twist and drive away.   

Seth  Emerson

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