Bill Elliott corvair at fnader.com
Wed Oct 21 12:17:35 EDT 2009

While the thought is noble, I suspect that non-US Corvair owners are even more adverse to Chinese parts that we are.

I was on a global sales call a while back... our German distributor was complaining that the Germans were so nationalistic that it was almost impossible to sell US-made products there... they demanded German goods.

Our US sales leader laughed and said " We have the same problem here... our US customers prefer German products as well!"


"A thought on this thread - VV is a worldwide forum for ALL Corvair lovers,
including those far from our fair shores. Perhaps the xenophobic tone of
this and other threads on parts sourcing, slamming the general quality of
anything not made in the USA, may somewhat dent the appetite and enthusiasm
of non-US collectors for Corvairs."

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