Mark Aksamit mark at vintagecarcare.info
Wed Oct 21 13:19:26 EDT 2009

I am planning on attending the OTR event on January 20th! Here is the link
<http://www.opentrackracing.com/> www.opentrackracing.com I really do not
want to be the only Corvair there! The guys back east are mothballing their
Vairs! Its time to get ours out! Even if you only have a stocker, Come and
drive it on January 20th! I know there are west coast guys out there!!!! Get
off the couch! I will be promoting this event at Palm Springs this weekend!
I hear of all the fun the guys back east had this summer! Now it is our


You can contact me at the shop 928-649-9373

You have time to prep!

If you want me to send you a flyer request off list to
mark at vintagecarcare.info


Mark Aksamit


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