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Wed Oct 21 12:52:17 EDT 2009

i run clarks pans with included  locking bolts and a thicker paper  gasket 
on all on mine .  the bonus benefit is the drain is easy to get at  without 
raising the vehicle , it is right there handy. it also has a spot for  oil 
temp sender . ground clearance is as good as stock.
otherwise just repair the threads with a helicoil , or if you cobb things  
you may be able to use a longer bolt with a nut (depending where the bolt is 
).  i hate this repair , but have taken more than one engine apart that 
some one did  it to. the other butcher job i saw was a rethread to 5/16 and 
larger bolt in a  bad spot.i like the helicoil much better.
so i say do it right the first time , fix the threads and replace the pan.  
it IS worth it.
regards, tim colson

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