Guus de Haan guusdehaan at mac.com
Wed Oct 21 15:34:25 EDT 2009

Op 21 okt 2009, om 18:03 heeft Jay Pitchford het volgende geschreven:

> A thought on this thread - VV is a worldwide forum for ALL Corvair  
> lovers,
> including those far from our fair shores. Perhaps the xenophobic  
> tone of
> this and other threads on parts sourcing, slamming the general  
> quality of
> anything not made in the USA, may somewhat dent the appetite and  
> enthusiasm
> of non-US collectors for Corvairs.
> I think we need to keep in mind as we all type that as VV posters,  
> we are
> often perceived as THE experts on Corvairs. Thus, what we say/vent
> about/opine upon here can be misconstrued as the general opinion of  
> Corvair
> owners to others. That's what the posting rules here try to  
> accomplish for
> us all - keeping the image of Corvair collection and preservation as  
> a noble
> and worthwhile endeavor.
> (kicks away soapbox)
> Thanks,
> Jay Pitchford
> 65 Corsa Vert
> Columbus OH

Thanks Jay, I appreciate your concern!

I only use one criteria, there's good stuff and there's rubbish. I  
don't relate that to a country.

Corvair content. Got myself some new repro door mirrors 10 years ago  
from a Corvair vendor. My car is no daily driver and parked in my  
garage most of the time. The chrome looks sh*t and I consider them  
rubbish. I didn't go for cheap, I bought what was available at the  
time. It's time that suppliers AND customers got out of this self  
imposed mantra that a low price is everything. If $10 more would have  
meant a better chrome finish I would gladly have paid that.

Have a great evening!

Guus de Haan
The Netherlands
'65 Corsa Turbo-Charged Cvt

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