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  Couldn't have said it better myself Jay :)

  As you can see from the un-opened parachutes in this board, some kind 
  folks equate the government with the people. While the axiom, 
  by the people, of the people and for the people has validity 
  here in the US, it's not commonplace universally. 

  I do hope that aside from the shared denominator of loving corvairs, 
  we all pause & think about the culprits behind the advent of slurs. 

  In my opinion, a Cuban owner of a Corvair (living in Havana or Key west) is 
  not necessarily a marxist-leninist simply because of his country of birth. 
  Some, as you can witness here, do disagree ;-)


  Tony I.  

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>A thought on this thread - VV is a worldwide forum for ALL Corvair lovers,
> including those far from our fair shores. Perhaps the xenophobic tone of
> this and other threads on parts sourcing, slamming the general quality of
> anything not made in the USA, may somewhat dent the appetite and enthusiasm
> of non-US collectors for Corvairs.
> I think we need to keep in mind as we all type that as VV posters, we are
> often perceived as THE experts on Corvairs. Thus, what we say/vent
> about/opine upon here can be misconstrued as the general opinion of Corvair
> owners to others. That's what the posting rules here try to accomplish for
> us all - keeping the image of Corvair collection and preservation as a noble
> and worthwhile endeavor.
> (kicks away soapbox)
> Thanks,
> Jay Pitchford
> 65 Corsa Vert
> Columbus OH

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