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FWIW, Timken has a plant in Bucyrus, Ohio, about 7 miles from me. My
next-door neighbors both work(ed) there (he retired a couple of years ago,
she has about a year to go). Also know of/friends with others. Their
business is highly dependent upon the auto sales, as they are OEM
suppliers. Look at the domestic auto business, and you know what their
business is like.


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> Jay--you must be lonely in Ohio, seems like 1/2 of the non-native North
Carolnians are from Ohio, and the other half from NY. 
> WHY?   Ohio manufacturers decided it's cheaper to make a tire, or a
bearing, or steel in China and ship it back over here.  You can fire a
machine gun through towns like Akron and Youngstown and not hurt anyone.
They're all down here!
> I always went out of my way and paid extra for Timken Bearings--an Ohio
based company that also produces domestically in NC (I worked there for a 
while) and in CT and GA 
> About 4 years ago I went to my local flaps that carried Timken bearings
to get a new front inner/outer bearing and seals for my 00 Ranger.   The
bearings were made at Timken's plant in Brazil, and and the seals were made
at Timken's plant in Poland.    Can't trust anyone anymore. I wonder how
many people from OH now live in NC because of the greed of the Timken
> Do you work in the Automotive business?   Can't tell you the number of
Chinese/Slovakia/Turkey etc made bearings welded to the spindles of cars in
the shop when I worked for Western Auto.   Don't see that with a USA made
> And I wasn't trying to slur the Chinese. we can't.  They own this
country, except for the parts the Japanese own.  China owns the debt, Japan
owns the real estate. 
> Time for ya to brush your feelings off and look at the road we're going
down.  looks like a lot of gravel and dust to me. 
> Our Corvair Vendors have had some items like emblems and the like made in
China, because US companies won't tool up for small runs of parts.  The
Chinese don't have any compunction about it.   
> I bought an 78 amp internal regulated alternator for my 65.  When I
opened the case up to put the corvair front cover on, I saw sand inside. 
The Diode had been sandblasted in place.  Took it back to Flaps----they
said they were rebuilt in Mexico. 
>  Bought one from NAPA---rebuilt in Indiana---night and day. 
> Wells Ignition used to manufacture in one location---Fon du Lac, WI.   In
the late 90's they moved most of their production to Mexico.   I bought a
Wells Premium Gold Dist Cap for my 87 Merc 302, and it wouldn't fit on the
plastic reciever on the Dist.   Took it back----Made in Mexico.   Bought a
Standard Ignition made on Long Island---No Problems. 
> The Defense Rests.
> Hank
> ---- Jay Pitchford <jay.pitchford at gmail.com> wrote: 
> > A thought on this thread - VV is a worldwide forum for ALL Corvair
> > including those far from our fair shores. Perhaps the xenophobic tone of
> > this and other threads on parts sourcing, slamming the general quality
> > anything not made in the USA, may somewhat dent the appetite and
> > of non-US collectors for Corvairs.
> > I think we need to keep in mind as we all type that as VV posters, we
> > often perceived as THE experts on Corvairs. Thus, what we say/vent
> > about/opine upon here can be misconstrued as the general opinion of
> > owners to others. That's what the posting rules here try to accomplish
> > us all - keeping the image of Corvair collection and preservation as a
> > and worthwhile endeavor.
> > 
> > (kicks away soapbox)
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > 
> > Jay Pitchford
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> > Columbus OH
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