<VV> Hurt feelings.......TOO BAD?

David B. Neale david.neale3 at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 21 18:56:35 EDT 2009

"ALL Corvair owners should be welcome whether they live under a 
tyrant or not!"

Hello, fellow Corvair enthusiasts, wherever you are and whoever you are.

I lament the fact that American components are often no longer American 
- manufactured. I always found that genuine American tools, parts and 
etcetera were of quite excellent quality.  The same pertains with us 
here in Britain - almost nothing is manufactured here anymore.  We used 
to make superlative machine tools, and etcetera ... no longer.  It has 
all gone.

The common link for us all is of course the Corvair, not the person or 
one's geographical location ... or whether he or she was lucky enough to 
be born under a dictator or otherwise.

We in Britain currently have a 'government' voted for by a small 
minority of the populace, and a Prime Minister who was never elected to 
that position.  I trust that doesn't disqualify me from being a VV 
member, even though I live in what was once a democracy, but is no longer.

As a British Corvair owner, and having a Chinese wife, but being blessed 
with a certain amount of wisdom and common sense,  neither my wife or 
myself take offence from the words of some VV contributors.the latter 
usually reflect more upon themselves than on those they denigrate. The 
vast majority of VV contributors are quite evidently of the non-bigoted 
variety. In some cases, I am sure the posts weren't intended to be 
derogatory - merely were they very mildly thoughtless. Some were 
derogatory, and have no place here.

Insofar as Chinese-manufactured parts commissioned by American 
Companies, and where those parts were once manufactured in the United 
States, the fault where substandard parts are placed upon the market 
rests entirely with the American Company.  It behoves them to dictate 
the quality that the part should be manufactured to; it isn't beyond the 
wit of the Chiese to manufacture the part to the required quality.  I 
have had equipment manufactured in China that has ranged from 
superlative to utter junk; they will manufacture to the customer's 
requirements.  It's up to the commisioning Company to not only dictate 
the qualities of the item, but test to ensure that the parts are as 

Those of you who fly in Boeing 737 aeroplanes, (and maybe others), can 
luxuriate in the knowledge that the wings are, or certainly were, 
manufactured in China.

To the vast majority of VV contributors, who are patently I would like 
to extend my thanks for the huge amount of information which has been a 
Godsend for me here in Corvair-starved Britain.

I am sure anyone in the People's Paradise of North Korea who has endured 
the trifling inconveniences attending the acquisition of a Corvair in 
that country aught to be as welcome here as anyone else!  It isn't 
always easy owning and running a Corvair in some countries. It is made 
easier by the vast majority of VV contributors.

Kind regards,

David Neale

'65 140 Monza convertible, (which as of today no longer has two small 
holes rusted through the rear floorpans, but is almost good as new).

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