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On Oct 21, 2009, at 6:54 PM, keith osborne wrote:

> Did 1962 Corvairs have seatbelts?  That likely would have helped his  
> cause.  He apparently was not wearing them as he was thrown from the  
> vehicle.  The two girls must have been wearing belts to have only  
> sustained minor "bumps and bruises".

Nope, but they did have mounting anchors for lap belts.  Our '62 wagon  
is, for now, getting generic lap belts from Pep Boys.  We have on our  
project list replacing them with 3 point belts, the upper mount will  
be very simple to do on the B pillar and with the wagon I don't need  
to worry about access to the back seat.
> Speaking of seatbelts, is it true that late model Corvairs have an  
> anchor someplace to install three-point belts? Sure would love to  
> put those in my '68 coupe.

Your '68 has upper mounts under the headliner.  Looks like a simple  
installation, you should be able to find a relatively off the shelf  
belt that will go in.

It's funny, when I talk to my kids, their priorities are similar to  
mine when I was a teenager - engine power and stereo :-)  Now that I'm  
older, both cars got the brakes completely checked out first and their  
2 carb engines are both stock.  We seem to agree that shoulder belts  
go on the list, but they want stereos next :-)

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