<VV> WAS Inertia Welding (some specific Corvair)

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Thu Oct 22 06:31:05 EDT 2009

Over the years I have seen several Corvairs with a wheel bearing inner race welded to the spindle in a very similar fashion by the owner / operator :-)
Ken P


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Ebarr19 at aol.com writes:

I  retired from Caterpillar and we back in the late 70"s used the same type 
welding only we called it "Inertia Welding" we welded track roller half's  
together this way along with many other shafts together. 
One  piece was held solid while the other would spin using a motor and 
weighted  holding fixture, when it reached a pre-set speed the motor power 
cut  off and then the parts were forced together making the weld.
Gene  Barr

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