<VV> Corvair #1 Death Trap???

Bruce Schug bwschug at charter.net
Fri Oct 23 20:25:09 EDT 2009

It's great how you guys have filled the comments with the truth about  
the Corvair. Did you notice that my original comment has been deleted?

In order for Corvairing to survive, we need younger people to get  
involved with them. This happens when they see nice Corvairs at a show  
or an autocross going like he%&. But when these falshoods are  
continually brought to light, it scares people away. I don't like to  
discus Nadar. I just don't want to hear about the whole Nadar thing.  
I'm sick of it. These articles just make me boil. It's too bad, we  
don't take a class-action suit against this guy claiming he's hurting  
the value of our investments or something. It really gets old.

On Oct 23, 2009, at 7:02 PM, Steven J. Serenska wrote:

> VVers:
>> I put a comment on this, but some of you have a better set of  
>> words  you could post here.
>> http://www.ridelust.com/the-10-biggest-automobile-death-traps-ever-built/
> I added my $0.02.  I decided that enough people had commented  
> specifically about the Corvair so, to keep it balanced, I went after  
> the author's prissy attitude and overall lack of knowledge.  The  
> publisher, who begs everyone to direct their comments to  
> "Robert" (the guest author), and not at RideLust (the host of the  
> site), also got a little of my venom.
> What's great is that, of the 24 comments posted so far, precisely  
> *zero* agree with the author.
> Steven "just call me Yoko Ono" Serenska

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