<VV> VirtualVairs Digest, Vol 57, Issue 96

Phil Brandt f111a at austin.rr.com
Sat Oct 24 12:58:58 EDT 2009

Re "Death Traps"......

Circa 1977 I had just departed Nellis AFB driving my '62 Spyder coupe north 
on U.S. 93 heading 600 miles to my F-111A squadron's new location at 
Mountain Home Air Patch, ID.  At about 0700, in the desert just north of the 
Ajax Mine, I crested a small rise at about 70 MPH, and there was a guy 
(DWI?) stopped, literally crosswise on the two-lane road just about 100 feet 
ahead. I did a "J.C." maneuver, went off into the sagebrush sideways, but 
never rolled, and somehow got it stopped.  Just drove through the dirt, 
around the guy, and got back on the road. One of those deals where, as in 
the jet fighter game, you don't have time to be scared.

Phil Brandt
Austin, TX
CORSA since '69

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