<VV> Corvair #1 Death Trap???

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Sat Oct 24 15:04:38 EDT 2009

That's exactly why I've been so adamant about getting on the reporters'
cases who always dredge up Ralphie whenever they cover (for example) CORSA
national conventions. The story isn't about Ralphie, it's about OUR
convention. He doesn't figure into it at all. (Just how much talk do you
hear at the convention on him, eh?) It's such moron reporters, copy
editors, etc. who have bought into the politically-driven notion that they
HAVE to mention "the other side" of the Corvair "story" in order to be
"fair and balanced" (instead of truthful and impartial), even when there IS
no other side worth presenting. As long as such garbage continues, and we
let it go on, the value of and interest in Corvairs will lag behind where
it should be. And we should look no further for the culprits than our own


> [Original Message]
> From: Bruce Schug <bwschug at charter.net>
> Subject: Re: <VV> Corvair #1 Death Trap???
> It's great how you guys have filled the comments with the truth about  
> the Corvair. Did you notice that my original comment has been deleted?
> In order for Corvairing to survive, we need younger people to get  
> involved with them. This happens when they see nice Corvairs at a show  
> or an autocross going like he%&. But when these falshoods are  
> continually brought to light, it scares people away. I don't like to  
> discus Nadar. I just don't want to hear about the whole Nadar thing.  
> I'm sick of it. These articles just make me boil. It's too bad, we  
> don't take a class-action suit against this guy claiming he's hurting  
> the value of our investments or something. It really gets old.
> Bruce W. Schug

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