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I use the Mobil 1 15-50 as well.  It has very high zinc and related 
content, it is recommended for engine break-in as well as normal use, 
it is a full synthetic, and should work well from zero to 120 
which,  believe it or not, is my temp range in a year.  We have 50 
degree swings in a day (actually that is common place).  I have had 
very good luck using it in Corvairs, gas and diesel tractors, diesel 
trucks, whatever.  I have some 245k mile cars, several over 120k, 
etc.  It probably is not ideal in all situations, but it is excellent 
and it makes my life easy stocking one kind of oil, one I can get at 
the auto parts stores or in Mobil gas stations.  The NOS AC Delco 
filters work fine, just check their condition -- but if you don't 
care about looks then a modern filter is better.  Clark's sells one 
of the correct color that is modern.  E

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