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Hello JR

Have you still got that cutaway housing? If so I have a Baldwin filter with the U-gasket - would be interesting to see if it's effective since I have a case of them sitting here....

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Hey Jeff!

The problem I see with the Fram filters (current ones) is that U shaped 
rubber gasket around the outer top edge.  I demonstrated this at a CCE 
meeting (you missed that one?) using a cutaway oil filter housing.  It is 
virtually impossible to crank down on the filter mounting bolt hard enough 
to make the smaller (inner) seal on the filter actually seal where it is 
supposed to.  This would allow the oil to flow over the top of the filter 
rather than through the filter.  Some folks have even split that outer U 
seal in an attempt to get the filter tight enough to seal properly.  Of 
course, then it will leak into the engine compartment which makes for a not 
pretty sight.

The torque spec for the filter is 15 to 20 ft lbs.  It takes a lot more than 
that on a filter with the U gasket.

So, to my mind, not just Fram is a problem - but also any filter (Purolator 
and others) which have that U gasket.

That said and knowing you...  you probably have a stock of the older style 
on hand.

Later, JR

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