<VV> Oil Filters: Clark's versus Wix

Dave Keillor dkeillor at tconcepts.com
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So, where are Wix filters made?

Regarding low price.  It's the American consumer that's driving
production to low cost countries like China.  Given the choice, most
consumers will take the low price regardless of quality.  If you doubt
that, I offer Walmart as proof.

Dave Keillor

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Not to slam Cal---he makes big investments to keep our cars on the road.

Answer to the question---PRICE

The Chinese can make a filter to your spec's cheaper than any American
company.   That's why we are no longer a manufacturing economy. 

Even if Cal bought Wix's in a big lot (like about 10,000) his margin of
profit would sitll be less than if he had the Chinese build them for

It's economics.   I don't like it and Cal doesn't either, but until
Communism takes over our country, with the government controlling all
factors of production (they're already half way there), Capitalism is
about profit.  You get your product made at the lowest possible price
while still retaining the required quality, and let the marketplace

A low cost Corvair oil filter may only be available from Clark's at some
point in the future. 


---- Dave Keillor <dkeillor at tconcepts.com> wrote: 
> There has been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of various
> oil filter brands.  Why did Clarks go to the trouble and expense of
> having a filter built to their specs instead of simply reselling the
> Wix?  Does anyone know?
> Dave Keillor
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