<VV> oil filters

Marc Sheridan sheridanma1966 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 10:13:46 EDT 2009

I also wrote to Clarks about their oil filter hoping they would respond
directly to the list. Instead I got this response from Cal.

"At the time that we did the filters, the other brands that had been
available were being dropped and basically Wix was going to be the only
filter left on the market. We were afraid that it might get dropped as well
and wanted to make sure that something good would be available, so we
designed our own filter based on all of the other brands best
characteristics. This has made for one very good filter at a reasonable
price for everyone as discussed in the May 2005 Corsa Communique, by Bob
Helt, when he did a full evaluation of this filter."  Cal Clark

Marc Sheridan

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