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If you  wish to use the P205/75R14 standard load index 95 passenger car 
tires be  aware that they are likely to be overloaded in certain 
situations.   Therefore I would recommend inflating them to the full 
sidewall listed  pressure [35 or 44psi depending on manufacturer] for the 
rear and about 5  psi less on the front.  This is essentially what GM did 
for the base  4-ply tire.

Dale Dewald
Hancock, MI

Thanks for the feedback Dale.  You are right--I had used the '61 FC  specs 
and not my '64 supplement.  I have heard several conflicting points  of view 
on how to best compare a modern radial tire to the bias ply truck tires  
available when the FC came out.  When I have a light load, or for everyday  
use I run at the 30psi front and rear I noted, but if I am going to haul  
anything near the close to 3/4 ton capacity (passengers or cargo)  I also  raise 
the pressures to 35 psi all around.  I'll try the slightly lower  front 
tire pressures listed on the '64 supplement this weekend  (I used  these 
pressures when I first bought the '64 GB 25 years ago) to see if  I want to go 
back to them.
I wonder what the owners who autocross their FCs run for tires and tire  
Bob Hall

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