<VV> help! Charging system dead!

Ray Rodriguez III grymm at echoes.net
Wed Oct 28 16:12:47 EDT 2009

Installed new alternator today (shop said the old one tested bad). 
Installed new alternator and still not charging.  Jumped 12v to the F 
terminal and got 18v or so at the battery.

Strangely the "fan/gen" light is still on at idle, but goes out with some 
RPM even though I read no significant increase in voltage at the battery, 
same at the alternator output terminal.

Ray Rodriguez III

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> Do you have a voltmeter, DVM? If so, put a jumper wire between the F
> terminal of the alternator and the positive battery terminal, engine
> running.  If the voltmeter, reading battery voltage, jumps to 14+ volts,
> the alternator is good. Do not leave this jumper wire on very long, as
> the alternator is what's called "full fielded" and is putting out all it
> can all the time. This is on page 6Y-7 of the 65 shop manual.
> If the battery voltage does not rise, check the voltage on the output
> terminal of the alternator. If this voltage rises, then look for an open
> wire (fuseable link) between the alternator and battery.
> Frank DuVal

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