<VV> Strange battery / starter problem

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Thu Oct 29 10:42:43 EDT 2009

There are multiple possibilities, and cleaning up connections is always a good idea...however, the most likely causes for "intermittent" slow or "barely cranking" are a burned contact disc in the Solenoid which provides the connection from battery to motor Armature, or perhaps a failing connection in the commutator of the armature.  That would be a loosening stake from winding to commutator riser, that provides a high resistance if you happen to have the brushes land on that comm bar or bars...When it lands on a bar with good connection, it cranks over with some speed and "flies by" the high resistance loose connection.  

Usually a failing ignition switch causes the solenoid to improperly pull in, resulting in a "click" but no crank, rather than slow cranking.  Corroded connections more often are not intermittent. 

Jerry McKenzie 
former Reliability Engineer, Delco Remy, now just an old Corsa member 

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