<VV> Upgrading from 3 speed to a 4 speed

keith osborne vanman453ta at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 30 17:04:29 EDT 2009

Doesn't the '64 differential have the special mounting provision for the transverse leaf spring?  So a '64 car can only use a '64 differential housing?


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gbraga at aol.com wrote:
> Is moving from a 3 speed to a 4 speed require any changes to the parts needed?
> Input shaft, or the shift linkage? or.....
> This is for a 64 convertible.  The cam gears are gone on the 84 HP engine, so I hope to replace it with a 110, and change the tranny at the same time if it isn't too much trouble.

Well, I don't think that it is too much trouble, but there are more 
parts required than just the transmission.  Input shaft, front support, 
others.  Not hard to do at all, but not a simple as only swapping in the 

BTW, if your car is a '64 with its original '64 differential, then seek 
out a '64-'65 4-speed transmission, the easiest -- and correct -- swap.  
OTOH, you indicated an 84-hp engine, which would not be an original '64 
engine, so who knows what you may have there...



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