<VV> Finch's cart

Eli Novin enovin at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 30 19:59:44 EDT 2009

Hello all,
I realize this is a well-worn topic but I'm still not getting it...

built a Finch cart but I don't see how the motor can possibly sit on it
as illustrated. Rolling the cart around under the motor, it seems no
matter how I do it some significant weight will rest somewhere in the
middle of the oil pan.

i.e. if the bell housing sits on the
front of the cart, the middle and back end up across the pan. if the
back or the cart meets the rear mount, the front and middle of the cart
are on the pan...

Any pix or specifics (e.g. the front of the cart rest on this point, etc.) would be much appreciated!


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