<VV> 4 spd tranny swap

N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Fri Oct 30 22:46:16 EDT 2009

4 spd is direct swap with only input shaft change IF the tranny is 64 or 65 
 (output splines are the problem ).
i have done this a few times , and will be doing it again soon , but in a  
64 van this time. 
my question:  the early 64 vans are supposedly different. is the  indicator 
of an early 64 the early type shifter also? or do i have to dig deeper  to 
find out? book is not clear on this.  been a while....
also is anyone using a 3:27 differential with a powerglide in an FC with  
14inch tires? i average areas with a few hills...(vermont , ny ) 164 cu inch  
regards, tim colson

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