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The BoD HAS considered requiring CORSA membership by all  chapter members  
several times during my time on the BoD. I happen to  be in the same "camp" 
Hank in that local members should be members of  national club. However 
making it  a requirement is a different  story.

Thanks, Ned.
Allright then, lets consider some compromise solutions. 
First, lets agree that the non-CORSA members are getting something  
(insurance) at no cost to them.
OKAY? Is this fair? If you say "no", then maybe something should be  
Then let's ask the following.....Do they know this? Do they realize that in 
 a way they are freeloaders?
Have we told them all this so that they know? Do the local club officers  
even know this? Can we do a better job of informing the non-CORSA members?
Then is there any way, of seeking some kind of payment from the  non-CORSA 
members without the mandatory joining of CORSA? Charge the club a  basic 
fee? Charge the club a fee for each meeting and event where the insurance  is 
invoked? Ask for  donations? Ask the club to charge a fee in the club  dues 
to be remitted to CORSA?  It is my observation that most, if not all,  of the 
local clubs are solvent. Why not ask them to help out with the  insurance?
Can we seek suggestions from the local clubs on how to handle this? Does  
anyone have any additional ideas? Why doesn't the BoD take some action to  
solicit ideas and develop a discussion instead of just rejecting the 100%  
choice? Are there any other options not considered here?
Bob Helt

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