<VV> What has CORSA done for us?

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Will CORSA throw out a chapter for non-compliance? Absolutely YES. They
tried it to the Air 'Vair Group back in '00. I came () this close to having
a literal knock-down, drag-out fist fight (had Sarah not literally stepped
in) over it, too. The then-prez of CORSA was trying drive us to extinction
with his behavior. But I fought back. Had to. And all I ever wanted to do
is provide a service to CORSA members... The thanks I got...... Sheesh....
That guy was an idiot. Just hope they wouldn't do that today.

As far as the filing fee goes, shouldn't it be based on the number of
non-compliant local members, instead of a flat fee? I realize a flat fee is
easier to administer (especially since some will cheat on the figures), but
it doen't really reflect what it costs CORSA. Just a thought....

Prez of the Air 'Vair Group

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> I do agree that all chapter members should belong to CORSA. I would also  
> like to see CORSA collect the local dues and pass that on, just like SCCA 
> does.  I do not agree with Hank, that leaving CORSA is the answer.
> There is a chapter filing fee for chapters that are not 100% CORSA
>  That fee is currently only $25 and the BoD have been discussing raising 
> it.  CORSA has not been very vigilant in collecting the fee. There are
> chapters  that actually cheat to avoid paying the fee. The chapters are
> responsible  for filing their annual reports and declaring that they are
> 100% CORSA  members. The bottom line is will CORSA ever throw a chapter
> for not  complying? I doubt it.
> Ned

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