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One club to which I belong requires national membership, and makes it
impossible to join the local without national membership, by the way they
collect dues. The locals don't collect dues. Rather, the national sends out
dues notices which lists all the locals and their respective dues. You are
charged for national dues, plus any "local" dues depending on which one(s)
you decide to add to the bill. The national club then forwards the
appropriate local dues and info to the respective locals. All neat and tidy.

The problem with CORSA is that Corvair owners seem to have an abundance of
"Yankee" independence, an Hank (and others) have so vividly portrayed.
Would we (at this late date) ever get ANY of the locals to submit to the
kind of system presented above? I doubt that it would get all of them to do
so. But I for one would like nothing better than to pay my local dues thru
CORSA under such a system. As Air 'Vair Group Prez, I'd love to have that
system for the special-interest groups. It would make my job (and my own
special-interest memberships) easier.

So I propose to the board that CORSA adopt a VOLUNTARY system, per the
above example, for any chapters who want to do so. As Air ' Vair Prez, I'd
jump at the chance.


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> Bob,
> The BoD HAS considered requiring CORSA membership by all chapter members  
> several times during my time on the BoD. I happen to be in the same
"camp" as 
>  Hank in that local members should be members of national club. However 
> making it  a requirement is a different story. I'll spare you all the
> history  lesson on how and why the "requirement" was not adopted in the 
> beginning of  CORSA.
> This subject is a very emotional one for many members. I've heard from
>  that say they will drop out of their local club if they are forced to
> to  join CORSA. I've heard that whole chapters would withdrawal from
> if forced  to join. I've even heard members say they would withdrawal
> both  their local chapter and CORSA if forced to join CORSA.
> Ned

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