<VV> Mainstreeming Corvairs in car shows

Dave Thompson dave.thompson at verizon.net
Sat Sep 5 00:13:34 EDT 2009

Tonight, I was bored. So I decided to go to the Garden Grove Main Street Car
Show here in So. California. It is a street rod, muscle car show & shine
every Friday night.  As you would guess, mine was the only Corvair. I keep
her nice and clean even though she is a daily driver. Her amateur paint job
(previous owner) has a few sags and LOTS of orange peel texture. She is a 10
footer. I don't go to shows to win anything; just to have fun and expose the
public to Corvairs. 


Throughout the night I had lots of people come up to look at my Spyder. Of
course I got the typical "Nader" comments but most were genuinely
interested, asked good questions and gave me complements. 


Well, As you would have it, I won the Special Interest Trophy tonight. When
my car was announced, I got a great ovation. After the awards were given
out, I got many people congratulating me and said how they liked my car and
were glad that I brought her.


It seems to me that Corvairs are beginning to get the respect that they
deserve from the general public.


Dave Thompson

63 Spyder Vert

Westminster, CA

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