<VV> Email format, was: New Corsa member sort of

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Mon Sep 7 12:43:14 EDT 2009

At 08:58 AM 9/7/2009, craig nicol wrote:
>Mark wrote:
>My feelings on the Corvair Center vs Virtual Vairs is this. I don't go to
>the Corvair Center, instead use VV for multiple reasons. Call me an old
>fogie, but I hate the Corvair Center type of format.
>Craig replies:
>The posting above astounds me. The Corvair Center is accessible from my
>computer desktop in a SINGLE CLICK. What could be simpler than that?
>Messages of the same thread stick together so I can read comment-response
>all together; simple. When someone adds a new comment since my last visit
>the thread is labeled "new" in red; simple. Replying to a thread or comment
>requires a single click (no cutting, pasting, or snipping) - about 10x
>simpler. Images are right with the message - no links to follow. Again, much
>simpler than following a link to a separately posted photo at a photo site
>as with VV.
>IN ACTUAL FACT (FACT!!!) the entire CC experience is about 10x simpler than
>VV; and it's more coherent than VV.  What could be simpler than a SINGLE
>CLICK? In comparison, VV is like rummaging through a trash can. I go with
>what is simpler and provides a better experience.

I use Eudora Pro as my e-mail handler.

I load the pgm.   Takes about 3 seconds.   I press ctl-M and the 
password prompt pops up.   I type my password, and hit 
<enter>.    All e-mails download into the mail reader.    It seldom 
takes more than about 15 seconds depending on whether I've not d/l'ed 
e-mails for a day or so.

Once the download finishes, I have a listing of all posts that I can 
access, sort, and arrange by date, subject, poster's name, or via 
auto-depositing to selected mailboxes and it's all done offline.   I 
can sort a "flake" thread by subject and do a mass delete or I can 
dump every message by a single poster/user into my twit folder or 
auto-delete them all without looking at any of them.   I can likewise 
also presort any message with key words in the subject line such as 
"no corvair" or most any other keyword/s I pick (although I never 
actually do presort anything by any subject keywords).   I can 
keep/archive messages in select folders such as tech, shows, club 
notices, etc.   I can also search any messages anywhere in the 
handler by code words, phrases, topics, sender, whatever.   I can 
auto-forward anything to anybody, and actually use the application as 
a mail server to run a mail list myself if I wished to do so.

I can quickly cull through any message by subject or sender or thread 
or whatever to find any information I might want to find, easily and 
efficiently with a simple keyword search that's so fast it's almost 
done as soon as I finish clicking <enter>.

The Corvair Center has its uses and perks and it serves a purpose but 
for me it will never replace VV simply because the way I do it, VV 
serves quite nicely and does things the CC can never do and I have 
absolutely no trouble at all with the mail format VV offers.    I'll 
still go to the CC but it's no replacement for VV.     The CC does 
have an advantage in that it allows attachments while VV does not, 
although VV posts can be linked to most anything easily 
enough.    Likewise private e-mails sent from the VV list which DO 
allow attachments.

VV, via my mail handler, allows me to automatically save/archive each 
and every message posted forever if I so desire without having to 
actually do anything, does it all for me automatically so that if I 
need to look for something posted a year ago, it's right there 
without having to go online and wade through the web and its 
idiosyncrasies looking for what I want.

Each function has its perks and its disadvantages...      I'm not 
condemning CC nor am I preaching the "walk on water" option for VV.

I'm just sayin'...


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