<VV> MandAtory membership ?

Louis Armer carmerjr at mindspring.com
Wed Sep 9 14:51:19 EDT 2009

You always have a positive slant on life and constructive criticism 
where CORSA is concerned KUDOS
to you !

Chuck Armer

At 10:48 AM 9/9/2009, you wrote:

>The board is there for a purpose.    ;)    Let's see if they're gonna
>be Newts and not Dennys.   My votes for these people are hopefully
>going to go to good use.   By the way:   The comments of "if you
>wanna make a difference, run for the board" do not excuse the current
>board members from taking action.    Wasn't that why they were elected?
>...and do NOT accuse me of senselessly criticizing.   I know it's not
>an easy job and nobody wants to piss off anybody.   Well, almost
>nobody...  but instead of arguing, why not do as some of the guys
>have done and ASK for suggestions, and those who have all the
>solutions but haven't offered any might consider posting a few.

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