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When I said Crossmember, I meant the transmission crossmember that bolts to
the trans and then to the front rubber trans mounts. NOT the suspension


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As per suggestions I read here a year or so ago, I removed /installed the
trans with the crossmember attached. I removed the crossmember to body mount
nuts. I also found that the bellhousing to diff bolts were easy to get to
while on the ground. This should settle your mind more when bolting to
aluminum as you said. 
I have never worked on a LM but I understand that there are tricks for
re-attaching the axles. Something like jacking up the A-frames. Others can
most likely chime in here. 


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     Thanks for the write up.  I actually did remove and install the 
drivetrain in my 65' Corsa once already.... it wasnt all that bad a job but 
I hated bolting that crossmember back to the bottom.. into the aluminum... 
it was hell to get it lined up and I was terrified of damaging the aluminum 
case...  I was hoping to avoid that part.  Also I had a hell of a time 
getting something lined up at the wheel end of the axles... the universals 
maybe?  That would probably have been no trouble at all if I had waited for 
an available helper.. but I was impatient as usual.


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> Ray,
> Several months ago I was asked by an elderly gentleman in our chapter to
> help him out with his Loadside. He thought his trans had failed. He wanted
> me to replace it for him. I had never removed a drive train before. But I
> dove into it.
> Starting at 8:00am one Saturday, I jacked the truck up and slid under. By
> 11:00 the entire drive train was on the floor using only one standard 
> floor
> jack. A custom bracket or fixture on the jack would have been nice but I
> used what I had.
> Once the drive train was on the floor, we realized that it was a 3-speed 
> and
> he had a replacement 4-speed. We made a parts list and I left at about 
> noon.
> The following weekend, I returned with a new input shaft and trans
> crossmember at 8:00am. He had gotten the other parts on the list. I
> separated the 3-speed from the diff only to find that the input shaft had
> sheared. I then removed the diff from the engine and found that the input
> shaft had sheered at the point of the clutch splines. It looked like it 
> had
> twisted apart. I re-assembled the engine, diff and "new" trans together on
> some blocks. I then put the floor jack under them jacked them of the 
> blocks
> and pulled the drive train under the Loadside. After a bunch of pulling,
> wiggling, blood letting and some fowl words, I was able to get the drive
> train into place, all by my self. After that I simply bolted everything 
> back
> together and ended up with no extra hardware that was not accounted for 
> (we
> replaced a few bolts).
> When the wheels of the Loadside were lowered to the ground, I looked at my
> watch and it was 2:00pm. Another hour or two of top of engine and fuel 
> work
> and we drove it around the block. All was well except a minor clutch
> adjustment.
> After doing this job, I recommend the following. Remember, this was my 
> first
> time.
> 1. Have some help
> 2. Pull the entire drive train. I would not want to try to align the 
> clutch
> "system" while the trans/diff was in the vehicle and the engine was on a
> floor jack.
> 3. Closely inspect the clutch "system" for wear. It is apart, might as 
> well
> replace things now.
> 4. Replace the pilot bushing.
> 5. Replace the axle seals
> 6. Inspect and or replace the rubber trans crossmember mounts.
> 7. Study the correct manual first. I only had a 61 car manual to refer to.
> This is the advice of a first timer, on a Loadside. It was a big job but I
> was able to do it in about 1-1/2 days, alone. Others may have different
> advice for a LM and with more experience.
> Good luck, let us know how it went.
> Dave Thompson
> Westminster, CA

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