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Kevin.... It does "sound" as if you have a "fuss" on your hands.  I suspect 
the radio - though I've never had a RediRad installed.  I suggest that you 
disconnect it and see if the radio starts working again.  I doubt that it 
will.  That should tell you that it is the radio.  Now, did the RediRad lead 
to the problem?

How gutsy are you?  Try it on another radio to see what happens.  Just about 
everyone has a spare AM somewhere in their stash of parts, so that it should 
not be hard to find one for little money.

Another thought on this...  Does the RediRad connect to the antenna lead 
somewhere?  Check that connection.

Final thought....  I believe that the tab you connected to is unfused.  So, 
(since you did not fuse that line) it IS possible that the RediRad is now 
toast - or possibly capable of making toast (GRIN).  Did you smell anything 
(like smoke of an electrical nature) when you heard the pop?  I'm sure that 
you are aware that it can be fatal to electric components to let the smoke 
out of the wiring.  Should I put a GRIN there too?

Later, JR

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>I just installed a devise called RediRad that allows you to play
> music from your iPod with your stock AM radio. After I installed it,
> I was thrilled to hear lively music playing from an old radio. No
> hissing or static, just clean, beautiful music. I listened to it for
> a few hours while working on other things on the Corvan. The next
> day, I anxiously left for a club meeting and the moment I left the
> drive way, I heard a popping sound and the radio quit.
> now I can barely hear the music with RediRad on and there are
> hissings and static. WIth the RediRad off, I can pick up only one
> station on the AM radio. I am really disappointed with the problem. I
> can't tell if the radio went bad or the RediRad quit working
> properly. I rechecked the connections. I followed the instruction and
> it says to hook the power lead from a tab on the fuse box. I use the
> same tab to power the electric fuel pump and I know I'm still getting
> power because the electric fuel pump is still working. It does not
> say anything about adding a fuss.
> Did anyone have the same problem with the RediRad? How can I tell
> which is bad? I would hate to ruin another radio.
> KC
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