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My buddy Mike McKeel and I once parted out a '64 Greenbrier deluxe. It was
so rotted that the front end had to be supported by a stack of 2x4's. The
only "solid" metal parts were from the beltline up. We parted as much out
as we could, then rolled it over on its side, and finished the parting out.
Then we rolled it over on its top, and slid (dragged) it onto a flatbed
trailer. By now the box frame had broken in five places and the whole
chassis was sagging like a hammock into the interior, being held on only by
the front and rear bumpers. At the junkyard, the guy ran the forks of his
fork truck thru the windows and lifted it off the trailer. When he set it
down (on its top), the front end connection to the chassis broke, and the
whole chassis caved into the interior, while the front end fell face down
onto the ground. Now THAT's a rusty 'brier.


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> i wonder where "crampy" fits in petes  knowing when to scrap / (sell)  
> it?...
> i still think it will be a fun vehicle when i can get to it.
> over the years , starting at about 1965 or so , i parted out many cars
>  were very desirable, including a few i remember , a 1960 with grille 
> punched on  front valence , several spyders , lots of 1964 cars that i
would die 
> for now .  one 64 rampside i brought home on a trailer , broke in half
> i unloaded it.  the guy had planned on saving it! , but he died before it 
> happened.  my 64  spyder convert was a $100 rust bucket turned into a
> winner. so crampy will  be a project of a lot of labor and love , but i
> not too much cash.
> if you saw the underneath pictures of it , you would probably say i am  
> nuts..but i have a major  plan!
> regards, tim colson  working my butt off on :
> 61 crampy  group red
> 64 coupe with factory a/c  body fair- , engine , transmission  ,  
> differential fresh rebuilds.
> 61 lakewood  (almost a 64)  still group red  cosmetic  body issues 
> 63 rampside almost ready for the road after new engine this winter (140pg

> with 110 heads!)
> and other major projects.
> _www.cnycorvair.com_ (http://www.cnycorvair.com) 

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