<VV> Unexpected non-technical Corvair benefit

Charles McKinley cmckinley313 at cox.net
Fri Apr 2 22:17:41 EDT 2010

I might be skirting trouble posting this story, but I thought most of  
you would identify with it, so, as they say, better to ask forgiveness  
after the fact than ask permission and be squelched.

When my daughter was about 12 she insisted that I save my '63 Monza  
900 for her when she was road-legal, and she commuted with it for her  
last two years of high school, to the admiration of many and the  
curiosity of all. It remains her prize possession and her vehicle of  
	She is now 18 and in a music theater program at a prominent  
conservatory for performing arts in a major northeastern city, which I  
will not name to avoid libel suits. 	Show business being what it is,  
almost all the male members of the class are, shall we say, light in  
the loafers, and while she admires them all as performing associates,  
they leave a bit to be desired as weekend companions.
	She was recently home for spring break and drove the Vair at every  
opportunity. I asked her if she appreciated various improvements I'd  
made since the last time she drove it. Her answer struck me as  
provocative and completely unexpected - she said, "Yes! It makes  
straight guys stare at me!"

I doubt if that would ever make it into a GM advertising brochure.

Chuck McKinley

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