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For what it's worth, Tony (the originator of the post below) successfully
organized a production run and group buy of glass for Ultra Vans. (I bought
some) Car/FC glass should be a snap.

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DON'T WAIT! Let me know now!
There is only so much room/space in the shipping container...

For now this is the best I can do - Not knowing how many orders I will end
up with.

I want to see just how many orders I will have.... So PLEASE let me know
right away.

CARS - $275 (with volume $250) come in: CLEAR or SHADED = TINT w/Blue Band
on TOP

FCs -Vans & Rampsides - $400 (with volume $375) come in: CLEAR or TINT or
SHADED =TINT w/Blue Band on TOP

Wagons - $425 (with volume $400) come in: SHADED = TINT w/Blue Band on TOP

All orders will have to be paid for in full and in advnce - before I will
place your order.

Right now I'm merely seeing how many want to order and of what.
I will use the info when it's time to place the order and payment will be
due then.

I'm only shipping crates with 5 or more windshields to one address. NO
Crates will hold up to 8 windshields of mix and match.
I'll need one EM owner who is ordering that would be willing to receive the
order for everyone in his area.

Again, All Windshield orders will have to be paid in full and in advance
before I will place your order. There will be no inventory - what is order
will be shipped ASAP.

There will be a one time crate fee of $30 by the shipper, it and the
shipping fees will be due payable once the order is ready to be delivered.

ALL Glass is ENSURED until it has been INSPECTED and SIGNED for.

The way I'm doing this - Everyone should save at least $100 per Windshield
order and more.

IF needed - See VV or CC for more details.

Many Thanks, Tony

PLEASE Let me know if you plan to place an order
Send it to: Corviar_Windshields at yahoo dot com

COPY and PASTE the following: (send it to the email above)

EM Windshield Order

Your Address:
Type of Corvair:

CARS come in: CLEAR or SHADED = TINT w/Blue Band on TOP

FCs -Vans & Rampsides come in: CLEAR or TINT or SHADED =TINT w/Blue Band on

Wagons come in: SHADED = TINT w/Blue Band on TOP ONLY

How many Windshields:

Which CORSA Club:
I'm willing to receive the order: YES or NO
Delivery Address:
Resident or Business

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