<VV> Uneven Horn Slots

peter koehler pkoehler01 at atlanticbb.net
Sat Apr 3 05:29:33 EDT 2010

The April Communique article about 1960 horn slots shows a 
picture of some uneven slots. Those were on the black 700 
sedan in Indiana, #375. It is the oldest known surviving 
Corvair in the world. And I did not buy it. As Mark has 
already responded - this one was a bondo queen and the 
body man took "editorial license" when applying the stuff. 
This poor little horn slot '60 was no longer 
Corvair-shaped in many areas. So I took a pass. Someone 
bought it, but he or she has not re-surfaced since the 
purchase. Perhaps the car in a body shop getting repaired? 
- Caveman Pete

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