<VV> Fuel Stabilizer

Mike Clark mclark67 at charter.net
Sat Apr 3 18:52:38 EDT 2010

The Mercedes diesel group swears by this stuff.  Water that gets into diesel 
fuel grows microorganisms that clog up tank screens and fuel lines. 
Startron does a good job of getting rid of it all.  Depending on how bad it 
is will determine how many treatments you need.  Some people put it in 
regularly and never have fuel system trouble.

I don't have any knowledge of it being used in gasoline but it must be okay 
because the diesel people buy it at marine stores.  This kind of stuff, I 
don't know if it's Startron brand or not, is also used in jet fuel.  So yes, 
this stuff works.

Mike Clark
Stockbridge, Georgia

At Tractor Supply, I found StarTron an enzyme fuel treatment.  Apparently, 
it is also available at Wally World and some small engine repair shops.  It 
proclaims to stabilize gas for two years, cure ethanol problems, makes 
engines run smoothly, rejuvenates old fuel, easier starts, fuel economy, 
cleans valves, reduces emissions, removes carbon & varnish, help remove 
water, cures hiccups and removes ear hair.  Their web site www.startron.com 
explains how it works and what it does.  While I have always used Stabil and 
now use the marine Stabil, I am wondering if this is snake oil or something 
useful.  It is packaged in an 8 oz bottle which treats 48 gallon of gas and 
the cost is $8.

The following are quotes from the web site:

"Enzymes contained in Star Tron® can in fact "repair" old fuel, improve the 
octane rating in substandard fuel, disperse water and break down sludge and 
other deposits. Star Tron®’s enzyme formula may well be the most cost 
effective fuel remediation technology in the world."

"Ethanol has a great affinity for water and as a result, this new formulated 
fuel can cause a water layer to form and gelling to occur. Additionally, 
ethanol is an excellent solvent that can attack sludge buildup in fuel tanks 
and cause fuel filters to clog frequently. Star brite Star Tron® can prevent 
these problems from occurring and can also reverse the problems if they 
already exist."

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